Sep 1

My last day of summer vacation is happening right now, tomorrow’s the big starting-of-practical-training day, and in order to not explode completely, I’m calming myself down with some Pokémon.

Specially since I finally found the two pages of my Nuzlocke that I had sketched like, sometime around last February. I had sketched almost two pages back then, but didn’t know quite how to continue, and at some point the pages got lost in the wilderness of my paper reserves. But now I found them again! I can continue drawing! 8D

But aaanyways, here’s some of the questions+answers things before I get back to the real comic.

Also if Päike isn’t the adorbsiest ponyta ever in the first panel over there, I don’t know what is.

Edit: Oh, look who forgot the scars on Shale’s arm. Umh, just pretend they’re there, mmkay?