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'Just chillin' in my chair, typin' with mah toes …' Paper, you are priceless xD

I am clearly an outstanding example of productivity in action.
'Just chillin' in my chair, typin' with mah toes …' Paper, you are priceless xD

I am clearly an outstanding example of productivity in action.

This was supposed to be a productive day. I specifically remember yesterday thinking about all the stuff I should do today. Go to library, buy groceries, etc.

Instead I made the mistake of turning on the computer. I have dragged my nest chair in front of it instead of my actual computer chair, and am naturally just laying on top of it so that I actually have to use my feet to use the computer because leaning forward to reach the keyboard with my fingers takes too much effort (I can actually type with my toes, although it’s super slow. The mouse is wireless so I don’t have to perform extra acrobatics with my ankles. I could do that but lazy).

I’d say the ultimate vacation mode has been achieved. Except that I should make dinner.



This is a picture of a Goldschmidt toad that has a mutation that caused its eyes to grow inward into its mouth. Therefore,it needs to open its mouth to see. It was found in a garden in Canada.

Reblogging this for Papermonkey because I mentioned this picture a while back re: Wurr mutations, but didn’t have it handy.

Well hello there, you fascinating little thing!



This is a picture of a Goldschmidt toad that has a mutation that caused its eyes to grow inward into its mouth. Therefore,it needs to open its mouth to see. It was found in a garden in Canada.

Reblogging this for Papermonkey because I mentioned this picture a while back re: Wurr mutations, but didn’t have it handy.

Well hello there, you fascinating little thing!

omg I want to go to a viking restaurant too :D

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go there, and it was really worth it too! I mean, just listen what that dinner we ordered:


(for two or more people)

A long sword skewered with roasted red deer, partridge fillet, roasted Muscovy duck, boletus-reindeer sausage and vegetables, and served with smoked cheese potatoes and Viking shield potatoes, wild game mousse, tarred lingonberries, garlic cloves marinated in bilberries, honeyed root vegetables, dark raspberry sauce and cheese sauce.
Like wow. (Here’s their site, by the way. That menu is amazing.)
(Also sorry for hijacking your comment as an excuse to advertise the place, it was just so amazing I wanted to show off. Sorry!)

A friend of mine took me to a restaurant today as a payment for me having been a birdsitter for her pet finches every now and then. It was a viking restaurant. We ordered a meal for two served on a sword, and were crazy enough to order desserts after already eating four different animals from the sword, along with two sorts of potato, vegetables in honey and all sorts of stuff. I rolled came back an hour ago, and still don’t really feel like moving a finger for the rest of the day.

DAYMN it was good.

So it seems that Morri kind of knows the ins-and-outs of Surama pretty well, especially how to handle her during her fits. How'd he get to know her so well? Is there something between them that we don't know?

They have known each other ever since they were little puppies, and they’ve lived in the same pack ever since the group’s members were old enough to form their own pack. Once you live in the same family with someone 24/7 for several years, you get to know them pretty well. Everyone in Iacar’s pack knows what Surama is alike, and Morri can handle her as well as for example Iacar or Hafmar can, they just have different ways of dealing with her temper.

What does the term “original species” mean exactly?

I may be wrong as English isn’t my first language and all, but I’ve understood that “Original species” means a fictional species that didn’t exist untill someone made it up, like it’s someone’s original idea.

Apparently in DA there was some kid, who uploaded a sheet of their original species, which was a colorful dog, with a dollhouse instead of a torso, pretty surreal and all, where someone left a comment saying “An Original Species is a creature that is completely made up by the owner. It has anatomy that resembles no real life animal and is completely made up from head to toe." and continued by listing ref sheets of other people’s species "since you seem a bit new to this .-. (one of which looked pretty canine-ish to me, another being apparently inspired by tropical fish, etc), including a link to the first part of my Constructing Triaformica, which is how I found out about this. Apparently this comment got the first artist to delete their ref sheet.

I might be overthinking this, but I feel kinda bad that my work has been used to discourage someone’s creativity. (Specially since Triaformica ARE based on real life animals organisms, dozens of those, from slime mucus and praying mantis to horses and kangaroos.) And what really matters to me, that I want most from my work is to inspire other people to have fun and find their own creativity. :(

Please, don’t use my work as a way to tell people they’re doing creativity wrong. I want people to have fun.

Is the "AskWurr" box still closed or are you not answering questions there at the moment?


I had pretty much forgotten about the existence of that blog. I don’t really feel like opening it up again as keeping up with it turned into a more tasking job than I had imagined. There was way too many questions for me to answer (many of which would have required walls-of-text type context explanations), and it started to take up time from projects that I was more interested in working on, like the actual Wurr comic. There was no way I could have kept up with it, and the low quality of the doodles I did for it bugged me and I started to stress out way more than a fun little side blog had any business of doing.

If people want to ask me questions about Wurr, its characters and/or world, I’m okay with answering (or trying to answer) them here on my main blog, but I don’t think I’ll return to run another blog dedicated to stressing myself out. Sorry!

Hey, for some reason my keyboard has changed nationality. The umlaut letters don\t work *as it seems neither do the special keys either, this sentence is in brackets(. Strange thing is, it seems to only be a problem with my web browser /google chrome/, as my desktop, program control and photoshop recognize the Finnish button order just fine.

Would anyone know why this happens, and how to fix it. o.o
I want my umlauts! Oh, yeah, and other symbols would be nice to have where they should too.

Bone collecting PSA


As I’ve been showing off my collection of animal bones and other specimens and seen people become increasingly aware and fascinated by the hobby of bone collecting, I feel it necessary to say this:

Please, if you collect dead animal parts, make sure the specimens you own are legal to own! If they are not, please, DO NOT COLLECT THEM. Or at the very least, do take the necessary steps needed to get a legal permit for owning one.

Many people understand that endangered species’ are off limits but not everyone realizes that even animals that seem common and can be found dead along roads can be protected by laws that forbid owning and selling their parts.

For example, in Finland, all birds except for those classified as game or pests are protected meaning you need legal permits to keep or sell their bones, hides, feathers or other parts.

Please, oh please, do not break these laws, and if you introduce friends to your hobby, inform them as well! These laws are in place to protect the animals we love and respect so much. You don’t need to own a beautiful skull or hide so much that you need to take the illegal route. If you really want a certain specimen it is only respectful towards nature to own it legally and pay for a permit.

Many seasoned bone collectors know this already, but I’ve seen beginners just grabbing any bird or small critter they find dead to take their parts. This is not always acceptable, so familiarize yourself with the laws and obey them.

Thank you!

Talking about gender, is the reason you used 'he' for both whispering ones and Triaformica because you didn't know that the term 'they' is sooomewhat well-known as a neutral pronoun when you made them up? Or is there another reason? (because when you think if Iralbe as gender-neutral, the cast is slightly more balanced, but there's not many ways to know it when he uses male pronouns ^^)

For triaformica it is because back when they first came to the world they now inhabit, the people they met were pretty much all called “he”, so they took that as the norm, and started going by “he” themselves. This varies to culture to culture, and from individual to individual (like how Needleneck is often referred to as “she” because of his lifestyle and role in his family), the “he” default is used in the area where my named characters live.

As for Wurr it’s a bit more complicated. Wurr is foremost written in Finnish, and as Finnish does not have gender specific pronouns, I can’t draw too much attention to how the others call him without having to draw more/bigger speech bubbles or entire conversations explaining how Iralbe is a special case just for one language that I’d have to leave out/ change for the original. Culture wise, I imagine that whatever language the hounds speak is gender neutral anyway, as biological sex is more bendy subject for them to begin with (so it might be more correct to use “they” for everyone, but then I’d have to explain to readers why I went with that. People ask a lot). For the English version I’ve thought of it as for the hounds to see “she” as someone who can give birth, and not being able to puts you in “he” box, unless otherwise decided.

When I grew up, I watched A LOT of animal documentaries, still do, and it seems to be the norm that every animal is called “he” untill proven otherwise, so as weird as it is, I’ve come to the conclusion that “he” is more neutral than “she”. This does bug me a bit, but then again, Finnish. In my language there is no gendered pronouns, and most people don’t even bother to distinct between “he/she” and “it”, calling everyone and everything by the word “se”, meaning “it”.

(Iralbe’s gender will be talked about in a scene somewhere within the next hundred pages in the comic itself. So should have done it in the first book, but it’s a non-issue to the hounds and I didn’t know how, and we don’t speak of the first book.)

How come you have so few female characters in Wurr? I really love your series and your work and I get exited every time you post anything. It's just that I would like seeing more main females. It's so depressing seeing so many stories crowded with males and most of the females being "the girl" instead of "another character". I know your already planed Wurr, and it might show up more females later, but maybe there is a future male you can change sex to without it affecting the story negatively.


You know, I do wonder this myself occasionally. There was this one point where I realised that the number of named characters who were intersex outweighted the number of named female characters (you know, Iralbe+Riega/Surama) and it was… rather strange moment.

There is no answer for why there’s so few female characters in Wurr. I didn’t build the story to purposefully leave out any possible female roles, I didn’t think of that at all back in the old days when I put together the first pieces of the story and just ran off. (The comic will hit seven years next week by the way.) Some of the characters are based on my old RP characters, majority of which tended to be male for some reason. Possibly because I never felt in tune with girly stuff so playing as girly stuff didn’t strike my fancy as much (never mind that being a girl who never liked girly stuff, I probably should have known that being female doesn’t equate to girly things. Teenage brain, you know).

Thinking of the future of the story in the manner of Rather Important Characters, there will be at least two more female characters with a somewhat important role (who aren’t the two copper collared guard dogs, I don’t quite know how important their role will be in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes characters just decide to expand their role while I write them, but sometimes they won’t. Hard to say). There’s one male character that I can’t switch to female, unfortunately. Or I COULD, but it would take the specific feel of the character away that I personally like, and would affect another character too. Now that I think about it, I could possibly switch that smith Bakbak was talking about in the latest page (198) into female (I’d have to edit that speech bubble, though. Stupid English and your gender specific pronouns, Finnish would have made it so much easier). Although, I have kind of designed the smith’s markings to look kinda sorta like a beard, and I’m not gonna change that, so if I end up switching the gender and the pronoun, you’ll have a character that could be translated as a bearded lady. Personally I’d be totally okay with that. I’ll have to think about this and see if I can hammer him into her in my brain.


Finnish Alphabet & Pronunciation Part 1 of 2
—- Part 2

A bit out of the ordinary post here, but in the past people have asked me how to pronounce certain things in Finnish and just how Finnish works. Well, today I found these videos on YouTube and I think they can be quite enlightening to anyone wondering about Finnish pronunciation!

The person on the video is not a native speaker of Finnish so I think she’s able to explain this stuff so that other non-natives can get it. And more importantly, aside from having a bit of a funky accent here and there, she has a spot-on pronunciation.

I have this bad habit of being overly paranoid…

I have this bad habit of being overly paranoid…

I survived my epic walk duty today! Although I cheated about six kilometers from the sixteen, since as I started walking back from the healthcare center, reaching the second bus stop on the way the bus that was going to were I was going arrived, I took it as a sign and I hopped on. (Though, 3,40€?! Dang, the price has about doubled since the last time I drove a bus here.)

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